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Eat Loei strives to be a leader in adding value to community products, distributing health food to the global market

as well as providing training services and eco-agricultural tourism.

Eat Loei specializes in Health foods from the community, such as Berries, Berry concentrates, Macadamias, Fruit Wine, and Baked Sweets. We also cater to the needs of tourists with Eco-Agricultural tours.



We aim for what comes naturally, making organic foods and beverages. From our best selling granola to thirst-quenching organic juices, and artisan fruit wine.

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Hand-crafted by wine maker Winai Suthanthangjai, “Harmony Wine” by Eat Loei brings together native fruits and berries from Loei, Thailand brewed into a harmonious blend, resulting in a luxurious and international flavor. 

Snacks and

JoJo's granola is great for starting your day or picking yourself up with an energy boost, with plenty of protein and fiber from oats, along with many vitamins and minerals from locally sourced fruits and nuts.


Local crafts
sai jai


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