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Sabai Jai Loei farmstay is small farm in Loei, Thailand. We Practice sustainible agriculture and Eco-organic farming.

Sabai Jai Loei is a small farm set amid the tranquil highlands of

Northeastern Thailand but only half an hours drive from Loei airport.

It is located in a peaceful valley surrounded by rice paddy fields,

creeks and mountains. Although we do not have large animals, we have many plants and Eco-friendly additions such as: the Earthen hall, made with earth from our land and thatching for roofing and our "Earth oven" which can be used to make Delicious pizzas! 

Our values are: creativity,unity, sharing, helping others to make connections.  We value openness,consideration, generosity, kindness, friendship, exchanging and learning from each other.

We value non-interference to nature, living without fear, positive thinking/action, and learning by doing. We value having space and time in our lives to care for each other.  We value living close to nature and learning the law of nature. We value mindfulness and peacefulness and the possibility that we can live as real humans.At Suan Sabai Jai we expect our guests to begin to reflect our values, to be very considerate of others and resources they use while staying here. 


We expect our guests to be able to share in the work, to treat us as a family and to treat this community, the people of Thailand,and all beings of the earth with generosity, patience, and kindness. We expect our guests to share their natural gifts and talents, each in their own way and to grow to become mindful. So this is what the name of Suan Sabai Jai implies – a worry free zone, a happy place.

Sabai Jai means "worry free" in Thai, a place to be Sabai jai. 

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